Home Groups

We are a church community filled with micro-communities in and around TVC. Home Groups are for everyone, in any stage of life, where every person offers a unique contribution to this smaller expression of the people of God.

The Scriptures are clear that community is a non-negotiable on the journey of becoming more like Jesus. To find a group or learn more about how we practice community, contact us.

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Jesus turns worldly masculinity on its head by showing that true power is marked by love, patience, and humility.

It is our deep desire to shape the men of TVC into this image of Jesus by learning the Scriptures and living them out. As men grow in their love of God and His people, we long to see them joyfully lead and champion their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and spheres of influence.

How we do this: We do this primarily through Home Groups, Men's Bible Study, Care Groups, events, and mentoring.


We create spaces for all women in all seasons to connect to God and his Word, to one another, and to opportunities at the church. We help women grow in their relationship with and likeness to Jesus Christ, with the desire to send women into their neighborhoods, homes, and workplaces with eternal perspective and purpose.

How we do this: We offer rhythmic discipleship spaces like Women’s Bible Study and Women’s Discipleship Groups, and events to help women connect, grow, and be equipped.

With all our efforts wholly dependent on God, we make disciples across all ages; every stage of life has a portion in the church.

Discipleship Pathways

At TVC, we define a disciple as a follower of Jesus who continually surrenders all of life to God’s good design for identity, belonging, and purpose. We believe this is done in community, growing in grace, and discovering who we are in Christ, together. This is the hope behind all we do at TVC, that by joining with others in community you would find yourself on the clear path of growth, sanctification, and discipleship.

Home Groups

Home Groups offer a space for prayer, fellowship, and living on mission with others.

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Classes are aimed at building and shaping a biblical foundation.

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Women's Discipleship Groups

Groups of women meet in homes for year-long discipleship.

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Bible Studies

Bible studies are designed to help you observe, interpret, and apply books of the Bible to your life while building relationships.

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Training Program

The Training Program is focused on holistic discipleship within the context of God's mission.

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Parenting Resources

Because we believe that Scripture is clear that parents are primary in making disciples of their children, our hope is to partner with families in their pursuit of this mission. At TVC, we want to come alongside parents to help them craft their own approach to family discipleship through the framework of time, moments, and milestones.

Care Support

Our Care Ministry is here to help you find hope, healing, and belonging to become a mature disciple of Jesus Christ. We hope to serve you with trauma-informed care that leads to liberation and celebration in Christ.