Elementary Baptism Class

Baptism is a significant event in the life of a believer, a demonstration of being united with Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection. It is a celebration of becoming a part of the community of believers and should be understood as such and cherished. At The Village, we treat the baptism of children with special care and have created a class to help parents walk with their children through the baptism process. We believe that parents are the primary disciplemakers of their home and should lead their children through the baptism process. We will come alongside parents to equip and resource them as they teach their children what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 


Parent Orientation: This is for parents only and will be an explanation of the baptism process and an overview of the class content. It provides parents an opportunity to be equipped and encouraged to lead their child in conversations surrounding salvation and baptism. You will be given a parent guide and a child workbook for you to lead your child through the rest of the class at home. The parent guide and child workbook interact with the video teachings and are designed to be completed together after watching the session videos.

Session 1 teaches the gospel, what it means to love and trust Jesus, and the nature of repentance.

Session 2 teaches the meaning of baptism, as well as right and wrong motivations for being baptized.

After the class is complete, you have the option of doing a baptism interview with an Elementary staff member and then scheduling the baptism. 

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